Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"

omfg xkore

lolz man epic music,..u should really get 1:40 finished =D

Xkore, you're the fucking man!

I've been listing to your music and I've gotta say, it's inspiring me. I normally don't write reviews anymore but I would like you to finish the very 1st song. That house song kicked my ass hard. I would love to download that and put that on my ipod. All the parts were very good, especially the house mixes. I can't wait to hear more audio from you xKore. You revive the audio portal for me! :D

-Seamonky: Review Moderator


0:00 - 0:52 - 1:22 - 1:37 - 3:00 - 3:55 - 4:23 - 6:35

All magic stuff. It'd be sick if you finish atleast one of those.


get that to a good 5 min. mix and that would light the club on at fire 11:30.

1:22 for earlier night.. 5:53, 6:35 for past midnight.. would work too. this is cutting edge music for body movement

2:46 makes me think of counting money..


The drops were extreamly heavy! Awesome! i was looking through music and found your song, didn't expect to hear good music like this. Can't wait to see your other songs...