Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"

I agree with alextheDJ

I love that WIP at about 4:23 the most. Everything else is...weak...compared to that lol. I love that you're experimenting, but I've noticed that you have this trend towards heavy LFO pitch modulation. You've got some interesting sounds, and maybe it's just me, but I love layers; while square leads are cool, I love them with more...substance. That could just be me though. xKore, your style is unmatchable lol! Keep it up man! >:D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,
(a.k.a. Bassfly)


cant you just tackle your wips one by one and send those out to us instead of teasing us like this??? hurry up and finish your work man

WIPs galore! :D

My favorites:
1:22 - Really funky.
2:46 - Has the potential for some sick bass sequences.
3:00 - The bass(es) sound very Noisia-ish
3:23 - Nice and jumpy.
3:55 - I like the chord progression and the sidechained pad
4:23 - By far my favorite WIP of the collection. The chord progression is beautiful and the bass section is very heavy and full. PLEASE FINISH THIS ONE!!!!!!
5:18 - Nice chord progression and build.
5:53 - I love the percussion. The chord progression's nice too.
6:35 - Great all around.

Anyway, these are some great-sounding WIPs you have here.
Again, the one starting at 4:23 is amazing! Please please please finish it!


For me atleast you really saved the best for last there. I've been looping it as best I can pretending it's a real song. Really excellent chord progression and build. Especially like the way it cuts in and out after the heavy bass comes in.


Awesome though, I like a bunch of these, I'm really looking forward to whatever it is that you make next, your an amazing artist and I really think you deserve some kind of record label with your name on it!

All of these are just little teases of awesome songs that may or may not be, you've got a really awesome variance of sounds here, some epic some massive, some wild, some serious, and almost every kind of mood!

You're not just good at dubstep or dark and deep, but with these awesome piano beats, and all the different sounds you have, it's really amazing that these are all from the same person, your really really great at what you do, don't ever stop, really, just make music forever!