Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"

4:23 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ears must hear moar of this. fucking amazing

I must hear "moar"!

SWEET JESUS! I agree with everyone: 4:23, 5:53, and 6:35. My life would not be worth living if you didn't finish these.


You should make the first one, the one at 4:30, and the one at 5:57 into a full song. But polish off the step more. It's a little crunchy.


I'm starting to have the feeling you enjoy torturing your ng fans with all of your unfinished masterpieces.

Anyways, I love them all. 4:26 was my absolute favorite part.


You are evil.

You give us these delicious wips and then you're all, YOU HAZ NEED MOAR WAITING FOR MEH TO FINISH.

It makes me cry myself to sleep at night.

I liked all of them and was too busy rocking out to figure out where each wip starts and ends.

I know the one at the end made me dance.

That one at ~4:30 was a total boss.

A few other ones made me think of the old megaman games and I got all nostalgic and played an old GBA SP megaman game for about 5 hours.

Anywho, wonderful compilation. Can't wait for the full songs.

10/10 (<= obviously lol)