Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"


the first one is amazing ambience music
next is great moving ambience
after that has a nice menu or credits feel to it
then theres a house influence one. cool
nice, arcade game menu perhaps
stabby... actually this one is aweome. like dub/house
nice adventure game and.... OSHI the drop
next is dub, but has awesome boss battle feel to it :D
then i thought i heard this one before.... mightve been a loop
another interesting one
piano. very awesome feel to this one. would be amazing in anything you put it in
next is also piano. awesome intro. builds amazingly. would be epic in a performance.
then, stabby again. nuff said here
very powerful and cut.
simple clean. puzzle game? transition scene? its nice
after that, edgy. pretty cool. fucking go apeshit
awesome ambience/dub beat to it. really good. oh, then the next part is amazing, better than deadmau5's dubstep XD

some would go better than others, but definitely top notch on some. I wish I had the time to make games for all of them haha.

9/10. not finished >:( *angry faic*

My favorite part?

5:46 to 5:53. The shortest WIP, and yet I can't stop listening to it. I...I dunno...NEED it to be longer. A song made from this would be epic as hell.

Seems like you throw away

Or at least pass over more good tunes than I'll ever be capable of writing. Jealous.

I loved every second.

Is it ok to request that you finish ALL of the songs? :)

Gotta say.

First one for fucking sure. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Swear to God if you dont continue that.
4:23 could turn out very well.
5:53 seems pretty cool.. okay way cool.
Last one. Last one. Last one. Last one. Last one.
aaaaaand 00:51. You have to. or else. just. just do it. Please.
2:19, please dear God almighty do that 16-bit shit!!!
and then the next TWO after that one! Gotta keep doing that Chiptune stuff! Please I beg of you!

oh and 5/5 E: