Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"

Some of these are really awesome

The one at around 2:30 is sick as hell! I'd definitely try to finish that one sometime.

Hellloo, top 5.

You can tell already, can't ya'?

Some of these I'm not very fond of, but a LOT of them I like. Some of my favorites were 6:23-6:34 (This was VERY different to me, would love to see if you can extend it.), 6:34-7:19, 3:55-4:23, 1:52-2:19(Same for this one; very different to me, and would LOVELOVE to see it extended.) and 0:52-1:22.

You defiantly should continue some of the things you put up in these submissions, bro, I'm sure a lot of people like me would love to see more of your work! :D


I'm in the same position lol. I can come up with a new idea in like 5 minutes, it's finishing the entire song that's hard for me D: That's why most of my stuff is so short.

Anyway, Favorites were: 2:35, 3:25(needs less bass if you could believe it Lol.)
3:56(I like your slower more meaningful songs.) 4:33 could use work, but I liked it alot. Also, 6:50 was noice. I like the idea of mixing house and dubstep. DOO ITT :D

If nothing else, I say do the one at 6:50.

P.S. You like that starwars sample don't you. Haha.


Dude! Finish that house song at 1:52! If you don't i'll punch a homeless person! :)



Are epic and need to be finished.