Reviews for "Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo"

loved it.

please do us all a favor and finish:
*=especially these:)

Thank you in advance!:D I'm really digging the chiller house-ish stuff you got going on. keep on it! <3

We're all WIP'd now

These selections are terrible teasers. You sure know how to make people want moar. As for my favorites out of this, that would be 0:52 with the great melody and neat chill effects. Then 3:55 for similar reasons, it's a great melody and surreally calm in all it's awesomeness. 4:51 almost sounded like it's still part of the previous section, either way, it's great from 3:55 - 5:18. Lastly, 6:35 on out, again for the same reasons, maybe I'm just in that kind of mood, but all of this chill work is superb. Heck, all of it's great in it's own degree.

I also like 0:30, mostly due to that fade in, not sure why it grabbed me like it did, but it sounds cool. As well, 2:20 was pretty cool, but it became awesome when the dubstep drop hit, that part is sweet at 2:41.

Yet again, another marverllous set of WIPs

My favourite were :

0:00 ;; This pure, artistic piece of music was very wow-able, The only thing I'D do to it is remove the highpass on the instrument lead.

0:52 ;; Sweet little piece right here, it's got that little heartfelt melody that immediately grabs the listener, plus it has a couple of pretty nice effects on it.

3:00 ;; The majority liked this, I'm pretty much the majority as well. Even though I miss your good old house days, this litte piece of dubstep was quite original and worth continuing.

5:40 ;; That was very nice, I loved the synths and pretty much everything in it, except for the bass, it seems a little too grainy. =/

Laughs :)

Great, some more unfinished up and running around,ready for taking to the extreme mixing lawl >:3

Rundown news post of this next right and/or edit with your livestream added

More unfinished will up later for taking


Dude you gotta finish 3:00 , sounds really cool. Dang i just got a "massive" brainstorm when i heard that. If you're out of ideas, i can give you some ideas on livestream bro.

keep that sexy quality and you shall be rewarded with more porn sir