Reviews for "Primal War 15"

w00t i am the first reviewer

another awesome movie i like your series so muh abd in the first reviewer w00t XD make more i look forward to part 16!

Woo *clapclap*

I remember seeing up to the fourth or fifth primal war a long time ago, and maaaan your animation skills have really improved. The action is pretty great, and the characters have a sort of energy to them. It must have taken a really long time to make this, and I think most people won't appreciate that. You had some pretty spiffy artwork up on your DV8manga website, I'm going to have to check out your other flashes sometime. But yeah, excellent work on this.


Good job,dude i love the Primal war flash's there awsome...you just made me rewatch all the primal wars because i forgot what happend:P

enyway good job and in primal war 16+ please,dont put the guns back in...i know they havent been in eny since like...primal war 5 but i hate them lol sorry


Ive just got to say that I was very impressed with the series. Its a very interesting story with good dialogue and superb animation that gets better with every episode. I had never heard of the series until I stumbled upon it one night and after I watched the first episode I had to watch the other fourteen one right after the other. I understand that it takes some time to make these but please try to get some new episodes out quicker. Overall its an excellent series and I cant wait for more. Keep up the great work!:)

great plotline development.

i love how by your own admition, this was just a one-timer, for fun, but you've made it into this. congrats man. i dunno where you're from, but it reminds me a little of Tim Bisley's "Grizzly" from the tv show Spaced. and that's a major good thing.