Reviews for "Primal War 15"


Good artwork, nice animation, very convincing lighting and atmospheric effects (I was particulary impressed by the way the shadows of the trees moved over the body of the bear as he walked through the forest), good sound. The use of colour is good, you always choose the right tones, always harmonious.

In summary, you set the bar pretty high ! I am jealous of your talent.

Nice to see the white gorilla is back in play. Noth is cool, but the white beast rules.


Not my kind of series, feels somehow drawn out and over dramatized to me, nonetheless professional and worthy of a 10 in every way :)

Friggin Awesome.........

I dont agree with the last guy but this is incredible work ,I signed in an account just so I can write a review. I seen only from 10 till now and I am hooked on the series. Keep it up till Primal Wars 30. .......good work

RickMarin responds:



that panther kicks ass and he only uses agility and claws,now thats pretty good

10 wow

u r the bomb the only series better then urs is maddnes and nabe larry