Reviews for "Primal War 15"


Ah,the story is so good,and the graphics as well...
This is a work of art mate.
Keep up the good work. *Thumbs Up*

"The castle is theres"...You made a typo...It's "The castle is their's". ;)

A fan.

I am a fan of this series, and as such can't stand seeing people dismiss it as 'poorly made' or a 'furry fetish'. Just because there are animal characters does not mean that this is in anyway a peice of furry porn. It is a well made animation, with amazing storyline and character building. Those characters just don't happen to be human. So for those of you who can't accept the work and effort put into this and just dismiss it offhandedly, get over yourself and actually watch the series. If you don't enjoy it, give a better reason, so that the author can attempt to make it better.
Keep them coming, many of us wait with baited breath for the next instalment.


Very good series 10 out of 10


did any one else pick up that the castle was full of ancient animals from the ice age eg mamoth saber tooth tiger est


First off, I REALLY like the whole vicious animal war premise ALOT. The character drawings are great, though the plot leaves me a lil' clueless sometimes because they grunt and growl instead of talking. But it's original, and a concept I'm willing to learn to cope with. The only complaint I have with some of your movies is the cleanup, which wouldn't take long at all to fix, just watch for holes in the characters and that's it, also, the sound isn't all that impressive, but I know that's easily fixed. Peace. Great job.