Reviews for "Primal War 15"

Was this really the last in the whole series? Of course, I just saw more! I admit these are a little repetitive. They are still unique. I'll never be undisturbed by the reptile breasts. I'm glad you caught us up with the story in the author comments.

Even with subtitles, there wasn't much dialogue. You still manage to bring us some very interesting characters. I assume the mammals will win. Actually, it's kind of hard to explain. Dinosaurs were more like birds than reptiles.

This is awesome, but why were the dragons a lesser threat than dinos? Shouldn't they have more access to magic than even the dino witch? Great job, nonetheless.

RickMarin responds:

Dragons were not a lesser threat , many died and the kingdom half destroyed , but that's another story

I liked this, great animation, good plot, good story overall.
I like how there were no voice overs, it adds to the originality of the characters.
The music went well with the story. The womenfolk are sexy and curvy = +.5 star ;)
Excellent work.

10 wow

u r the bomb the only series better then urs is maddnes and nabe larry


First off, I REALLY like the whole vicious animal war premise ALOT. The character drawings are great, though the plot leaves me a lil' clueless sometimes because they grunt and growl instead of talking. But it's original, and a concept I'm willing to learn to cope with. The only complaint I have with some of your movies is the cleanup, which wouldn't take long at all to fix, just watch for holes in the characters and that's it, also, the sound isn't all that impressive, but I know that's easily fixed. Peace. Great job.