Reviews for "Primal War 15"


this just keep geting better i love it man


this is one of the ebst ones by my point of view. Wish we could see the full war with the dragons , but none the less this is a really good one.

Look at this series now...

I'll be honest - when I watched the first episode in this series I knew it would be a good series with good potential, but never expected it to be like this. This is getting more and more intense with every movie I watch. The animations are incredible, and the sound detail is even more unbelievable. Even the story has details I never thought it would be able to pick up. This started off as a simple battle scene between dinos and beasts, and it's turned into a 17 part series with over 4.10 Scores.

My favorite scene this time around was when you showed the flashback to the Dragon battles. The dragon animations themselves were great, and then you included the detail of the fire breathing. Incredible is honestly all I can say about what you did with this movie. Great work with flashbacks and the detail of the castle drawings.

There's nothing to say here except excellent work with this movie, and I'm really looking forward to the next one in line. You have amazing animating skills, and I'm glad you've put them to use in all of your movies to date.

He's back!

Yes awesome amazing, I knew he would survive great series!


Man this episode just takes the cake! I never knew that there was a war with Dragons! That totally surprised me. Maybe you can make a spin off of that war when you get the time. Would be interesting.