Reviews for "Primal War 15"


The beasts have fought with dragons?Seems like endless lizard type shit they get all their life. Damn...
5/5 10/10

great plotline development.

i love how by your own admition, this was just a one-timer, for fun, but you've made it into this. congrats man. i dunno where you're from, but it reminds me a little of Tim Bisley's "Grizzly" from the tv show Spaced. and that's a major good thing.


that panther kicks ass and he only uses agility and claws,now thats pretty good


did any one else pick up that the castle was full of ancient animals from the ice age eg mamoth saber tooth tiger est

i con cur ultimaz

this one was awsome but im not really sure of the ending it was surprising but also a bit confusing the animation is likes of an anime show AMAZING