Reviews for "Primal War 15"


Ah,the story is so good,and the graphics as well...
This is a work of art mate.
Keep up the good work. *Thumbs Up*

"The castle is theres"...You made a typo...It's "The castle is their's". ;)

Best on yet

Primal War keeps getting better.

Fantasic ! As usual.

Graphics and animation and style........... FANTASTIC.

Story,sound and effects.......... FANTASTIC.

Although i am a little disappointed in myself for not starting at the first episode, i have only watched the latest ones that came out this year.

One of the better pieces on NG...

But the biggest downfall was the subtitles. Occasional bad grammar and misspelling can be easily avoided, but it seemed there were no efforts spared here. I would've also liked to see the color of the font change to differentiate which characters were talking, just to avoid confusion. The sound was excellent, I give that 9/10. Animation was also well done, although the dragons flying was the worst part. That flashback also seemed lengthy and had little to do with the main plot of the episode alone. Otherwise, well done, and keep it up.

very very very cool :)

the only thing i don't get is that all the female animal look more like humans while the males look more like the animal they are

other than thats its rly cool