Reviews for "Primal War 15"


It took long enough. I completely forgot the story and what was going on.

My advise. dont listen to the people asking for better graghics. just progrese the story. Its all about the story to me. Its amazing!!! No one would of came up with a story like this.

Big fan. sorry about spelling. keep it up.


You've really progressed since the first few episodes in the series, your animation skills are really incredible. Great work i look forward to the next episode


Your style has evolved so much, and i must say I love your new work, heres hoping you keep it up for a long long time :)

very cool

ima go watch the 1st 14 movies lol
its cool how theres a nice thought-out story to it

nice looking girls too


The princess looks like Jean Gray (sp?) and the black/blue panther during the dragon fight looked like something directly out of the new Beowulf (almost exactly actually). Good job at animating it and keeping the plot decent though. I remember the first "Primal War" was not exactly at the par where the newer ones are at :P