Reviews for "The Strangers"

sorry not havin it.

sorry but the games just not good It told me to move sniper from position 2 to position 4 I moved him but just as I got in my position sniper game into position 2 and that's why you get a two.
p.s graphics where smooth though.

nah, sorry

too hard., i like the style thats why i gave u 2 stars but i cant see the menace especially when the snipers are in post3 and 1, menace keep coming but i look every part of the screen no menace can be seen., and the time is too fast for you too find the enemy. that's why i rate it bad., i repeated it several times coz i thought theres just an error in d screen but at the end i failed the mission....


Not my sort of snipering type of game...reloading too slow and it was kinda complecated. So Try agian maybye in stick version or either make graphics superb.

hard game

the game is too hard you can barely see your targets all the team does is tell you where they can see your enemies and you dont have enof time 9/10 becuz its pretty tough but fun if u can find the enemies

not good ;[

sorry I did not like it