Reviews for "The Strangers"


wat the hell was going whwat do i do

this must be in top

this game rocks nice work animator

Great, just ditch the watch

Same as above

Potential is the best word for this game

This game could be great and so much fun, but good god it may quite possibly be the slowest game in existence, i mean i cud accept doing it for 5 minutes, if those 5 minutes i did something, but its not even real time, its like 1/4 pace, most people dont like waiting over 30 seconds for things, but moving snipers seems to take for ever, and then even longer for an enemy to appear.

I studying games design at uni and uv done a great job, great graphics and well put together, but for ur own sake, u have to speed it up

Very good

I really enjoyed this game. The style is great, the music, although I'm not into this sort of music did feel perfect for the situations, when a menace was around it switched to suspence music, a nice touch. Some animations of the man you're protecting would be nice, such as seeing him giving his speech, waving his arms or something. Repositioning on the map is a good idea, however I noticed when a sniper is repositioning, you can still control that sniper and he's not moving. Also, when you zoom in on an area where you killed a stranger in the past, you see that stranger dying again. It was quite long for a first level, I do hope you'll be making more levels in the future. The ending was a little dissapointing, it just went white and you didn't see the last man die. Still, a great game to play nonetheless.

Well done.