Reviews for "The Strangers"

Actually, very well made game.

When you listen to the Walkie-Talkie, you start having fun. at first I had trouble, but when I started to putting my snipers right where I needed them to, I finally started to understand.

The graphics are very well made, and I like the explanation in the tutorial. Good job.

The game was not slow for me, in fact, the game when swiftly for me. All I needed was a little patience for my Walkie-Talkie to give me my next tip.

Looking for the enemy for a short time or else he dies adds rush. The snipers are hard to see at first but you do eventually get used to it and are able to spot them quickly. I completed the mission and overall, very damn good sniping game.

What I did not like is after I finished my mission, it went to the main menu. There are no other missions. That really bugged me.

This flash deserves all my 5 Reps. =]

needs rethink

ok concept, not executed that well

this game really suxz

the game is way too slow and it takes way too long to change positions you dont have time to shot when you find where he is

too slow

the graphics are fine but it's just too slow. bad game


for starters, the game runs a little too slow, it takes way too long for snipers to change positions, and by the time you EVENTUALLY find the enemy, the guy is dead.

sorry , but bad game