Reviews for "The Strangers"


The best and most "tactical" sniping game I've ever played. The graphics are great too. Like everyone else, my only complaint is that it's too short.

thats it?

aww it was too short but very good game

Nail biting suspense!

Well designed characters.
The suspense is intense.
All the moments of waiting for something to happen simulates a real counter sniping situation.
Mini gameplay where player gets to relocate his team adds a tactical element to the game.
I also like how the typo make this game memorable.

Well presented game!

At First

It was difficult if you just completely ignore the radio or miscomprehend what it's saying. I thought when there was a disturbance at "position 2" that means I have to view a sniper who's range is viewing position 2, not one at it.
Decent game overall though. Kind of short and simple.

love it

this game was a very good game great vison but way way to short good job