Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."

oh my Zissou that was amazing!

seriously the best thing i've witnessed all week long. i love the style, and you presented the glory of Bill Murray quite flawlessly.


You,ZL, are the greatest.

a 3 for effort

the voice was the most annoying thing in the world. same weith the clock crew crap. no real humor and if there was any it's killed by that voice filter. I love Bill Murray but this was bad. you can go ahead and tell me my stuff is bad.



Very nice. I liked the "chalkboard" look to it; it's a nice switch from other stick flashes. Also, it was very well done, and the ending was amazing. Of course, I might have thought it was amazing [the ending], only because I was daft enough not to realize who Bill Murray was until I saw his face. >Ghostbusters Rule!!!<

Thanks! ^_^


Hell yes! You never see enough about Bill Murray.