Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."


cool thats the cool kinda stuff i like


is that the bonze voice ahahha good job

ZombieLincoln responds:

...The Indian may swear to the bonze that he believes, without taking a false oath; for, after all, there is no demonstration that Vishnoo has not actually made five hundred visits to India.

But if the bonze requires him to believe what is contradictory or impossible, as that two and two make five, or that the same body may be in a thousand different places, or that to be and not to be are precisely one and the same thing; in that case if the Indian says he has faith, he lies; and if he swears that he believes, he commits perjury. He says, therefore, to the bonze, "My reverend father, I cannot declare that I believe in these absurdities, even though they should be worth to you an income of ten thousand rupees instead of five hundred."

"My son," the bonze answers, "give me twenty rupees, and God will give you grace to believe all that you now do not believe."

-Voltaire, "A Philosophical Dictionary"

its awsome

this is the most greatest toon ever very funny

Nice Job

Dude, thats the best thing I have seen this week, its fresh, funny, and chalkboard style....it is a nice tribute to Bill Murray. ^_^

ZombieLincoln responds:



One of the coolest, craziest, things I've ever seen. Where you came up with this idea I do not know. And to be more honest, you could've done this about anyone (who had as respectable of a career as Bill Murray) and I would have loved it. I understood the genius behind the comedy when I looked back on all of it. Because of who you chose (he's famous for comedy), the way you presented it (lead up to the punchline, punchline being the end) and the voices, all fit perfectly. I seriously got to know how you came up with this idea.