Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."

My God...

I believe... I believe in him. Caddieshack 3, featuring Bill M.
OVER 9000!

ZombieLincoln responds:

I believe!!

amazing detail

the effects on the bill murry part were so well done my computer lagged all you realy need to do is chage the voices and that would make this a frount pager(by my standerds) the animation of the characters was was my favorite part of this animation. you should also add a quality button for people with crappy computers. keep up the good work.

ZombieLincoln responds:

It lags my computer too =D

Not bad

this video was pretty good, could better, but good. i really like how the animation looks. :)

ZombieLincoln responds:

You're right, and thank you =)

it was o.k.

it was o.k. but you know it can be better improved on i think if you cleaned up the imagery and made the sound a little better this would definetly get a 9/10 but until then it's only a 7/10


that was awsome