Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."

Words can't describe

How great this flash was.
It was highly unexpected that it would turn out that
way and how brilliantly made it is with cinematic looks
and a great feel for it. I have to credit PropagandaClock
for directing me to this flash movie, eitherwise
I might have missed it.

Originality-10, hands down, it is no competition that
this is unique. you tried very hard on it, and it paid off
Great job

Audio-In the beginning, it was slow, but when it cut to that certain
scene, it was so intense and dramatic that I was deeply impacted
by its sophistication and philosophical meaning. 9.5

Graphics- It isn't the graphics as so much as how you used
them to their full extent to produce a work of art. an earned 10

Theme-This surprisingly does have a strong morale,
so I must reward it with a solid 10

Overall, It was superior in ever way thinkable and
I am so impressed with this flash, I selected it as
one of my favorites.

I can't wait to see more from you and
I hope that all your flash movies that you
make in the future will be as deep-impacting
and sophisticated as this one, even though
the subject is Bill Murray.

Bottom Line, great job, man.

-Supra Addict

This flash can cure cancer it's that awesome..

Animation was simple but superb and the idea was sheer greatness. Simple and sweet and remains one of my favorite flash pieces, because Bill Murray is pure awesome and so is this flash.

Probably one of the best flashes Ive ever seen.

So short and simple, yet so prodigious and majestic.
The intensity of awesomeness in this is just beyond words.
One of my absolute favoriate pieces of internet made materia!

I love you zombielincon :)


I lol'd
I cried
I love it

I wonder what the music is when he does the Bill Murray powerup, it is awesome

ZombieLincoln responds:

"Death is the Road to Awe" by Clint Mansell, from the movie The Fountainhead.

Also thanks!

My God.

A single tear rolled down my cheek as I sat watching this. It was great, love your work Zombie Lincoln.