Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."

that was dumb

Hay, was that the song from The Fountain.


Personally I hate Bill Murry and I thought nothing about him could ever be funny. But this flash was so funny, unexpected, and so orginal. That I am going to watch a Bill M movie today, just for you. The animation was not up to "par", but its ok. Everything else was going for it. The voices didn't bother me, I think they actually worked in your corner for this kind of short. The ending was phenominal. And once again, I liked it. Good work.

Why is this just being fp'd?

This was made monthes ago, and is just now being put up?

Regardless, you've impressed me again, Mr. Zombeh Linkonn.


My only complaint is the voices. I can understand if you don't have a microphone but I absolutely detest those computerized voices. They grate againt my ear drums like glass. I almost turned the video off but I felt like something good was going to come of it and it did. The ending was hilarious.


it was very good nice ending, a bit pointless but hey what flash isn't!
perhaps creating some of your own voices next time and ill definatly give you a higher mark!
Keep on making em