Reviews for "Short Flash about Bill M."

Bill Rocks!

It really doesn't make sense what happened at the end, did he become Bill Murrey and kill them or what? Great all around except the confusing ending!


Pretty funny Flash, I love this flash. Geat Job! keep up the great work!


5'd and 10'd
Thats was totally different than most of whats out there!
I thought it was down right amazing and hilarious!
I still chuckle to myself about it!


Totally unexpected and original. I thought I would die laughing the first time I saw it when I realized what I was seeing. The second time I watched it I realized what a perfect little flash it was, do more flashes like this!

The current score really doesn't do it justice, and that's mostly because it's not everybody's sort of thing. But that doesn't make it any worse than the other top scoring flashes, just different.

Thanks for making it.

double boosh

That made so much sense my ass hurts.