Reviews for "Nameless THE GAME"

house arrest

3 years ago...


One other thing I find annoying is that I have every single achievement except the one to play the game twice; mind you, I did play the game twice... but on different loads of the game. My second playthrough was to get my 60 minutes achievement and submit score achievement (didn't care for achieve till after first play). So I'm disappointed that I'm not getting my last achievement.

beat it!

can you make a soundtrack for this game,please... no sparkle for me

gpmanda i hav 1 2

:( cant belive FIX IT GNAOW

bug finded

i find a bug when in the level "columbulose" it comes an enemy and i press d to trow him the magic powder , then i press kick and everything disapear... and just only keep the background...
but the game is awesome!!!!