Reviews for "Nameless THE GAME"

Ah my childhood!!

Cute game

So this was a nice and cute game you have created here, some fresh colors and nice designs here the music was very refreshing for this game here seems like a game you could have some medals on and give it some exciting element about it so nice job here on this one.

some medals on this would be cool


What is the menu music called?

I'm normally not into these games that much, but this was very fun. It helps that I love the series so much. It's just great to see this environment. Those plungers were the hardest things to beat. At least you're pretty mobile. You have to collect everything to go to the next room.

I love that magic where you turn stuff into chocolate. It's a cool ability. I'm glad we know more about his name. Nameless is in fact a name. The music's nice too.

A really humourous game Loved it I want a sequel!!