Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Cynic vs MadFLeX"

hotttt damnn

dope ass battle. crazy dirt coming from both sides. what a great 4/20 present.


Hell, yeah, flex wins. Better flow, less filler. And a souls of mischief reference< THATS MY SHIT! < so yeah, Flex takes it.


Close battle, but my vote goes to Madflex. I'm not a fan of the beat, it didn't seem to fit very well for either of their styles.


Exactly what I expected of the two. More than amazing. More than lyrically orgasmic.
Either way I would be satisfied with the result.
Too hard to decide. I would give it to MadFlex. But I honestly dont care who wins. This is the battle I was waiting for.


You too man, you're a beast.