Reviews for "Electric Fishtank: Shit!"


Greatest Lock movie I've seen in a while. Outstanding, indeed.

Krebskopf responds:

Cheers buddy.

OCP approves this flash!

Excellent work coffee, I enjoyed everything about this flash; the art, the plot, the humor, it was an all around win! Good luck with your future flash endeavors.

Krebskopf responds:

Hello OCP and thank you for the review!

This is epic!

And makes me want make flash again. Such inspiration!!

Krebskopf responds:

I am glad, get off your arse and do something then!


that it just lol theres nothign else to say but lol it was awesome


"yeah that drug is called Jankum (Jane-Cum) and its street name is apperently "Jeeerooooy Jankum !!" dont use it kids its like as bad as snuffing spray paint. "

This shit's real!!?! SAWEET!