Reviews for "Electric Fishtank: Shit!"

Drugs are bad m'kay

The art was brilliant, as anyone could expect, and this flash is quite a good commentary on the drug culture. I especially like all the cameos; you did a good job of re-nventing the character designs, as always. So how is the sex change going?

Krebskopf responds:

Cheers, glad you liked it. As for the sex change yeah it's going really good!


Way to go Coffee!!!

Krebskopf responds:

Awesome review, way to go REDvo! =D

I never imagined this

I was expecting fucking Coke bro. then all of a sudden, JENKEM! lol!

Holy hell!

that was one of the funniest things ive seen in a while!


Funny funny stuff, also awesome you put Metallica at the end.