Reviews for "Electric Fishtank: Shit!"

Uh, no

Drugs DONT make you cool. In fact, They KILL YOU. and if your a girl, and take drugs, your babies wont turn out right. so remember kids: stay away from drugs. if someone has a gun and forces you to take it, tell your parents.



it was really quite good thort the voices were gay thoe and couldn't really understand the story line


People at my skool were talking about doing this stuff. They were jokin, though. Heh.

Stick with salvia!


I heard about kids doing that shit (hey, is that a pun?) on the news, too. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What some retards won't do to try to permanently ruin any chance of their being productive in life...

Anyway, great flash and I like the whole 'lock and key' thing you have going on there. I'm guessing from your name it's a play on words, as is the main character being a coffee bean. Kudos for the multiple levels put into this!


Well done. Good animation and sound. But WHAT?