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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"


it was pretty good man it just lacked a pause option i was on msn and i had to do the levle b4 talking to mates good little game tho

N1 M8

Loved everything but the Nazi Helicopters LoL!

Not bad

Pretty fun, maybe a little repetitive. Though I must say, helicopters didn't exist in World War II. I think they were invented in the fifties. I could be wrong.

Asvegren responds:

You are wrong :)

Helicopters definitely existed during WW2, but they weren't used as extensively as depicted in the game.


Gameplay: Challenging but I like a challenge. Could of been longer.
Graphics: Awesome explosions and death animations.
Audio: Superb african style music.
Controls: Point and shoot mechanic.
Conclusion: One of the most surperb games out there. Great effects, animations, audio.

ok game

but nobody used helicopters in WWII (yea i know ur gonna click the useless button)