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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"


Well the animation of the veicles were good. The .50 sat far too low on the mount and it was just too much an easy game.

The Germans "green" weapons really weirded me out, and the helicopter pretty much ruined the entire thing - I x'ed out pretty much immedietly.

Overall it was a good idea with poor execution.

Needs Improvement

The idea is cool but there are some flaws. Nothing happens in the first level. Sometimes sound effects occur even if nothing is happening. It would be cool if you could actually shoot the motorcyle in the distance and if you could shoot the trucks carrying the infantry as well.

awesome game

It was really good and pretty addictive. It would be cool if you could destroy all the vehicles or upgrade weapons, but it is really good

pretty good

you should make a sequal to this game but next time make it longer and make it so you can get upgrades for yourself

not half bad

i actually liked it, nice audio, good graphics although the first levels were way to easy but the game's actually the first submission I've seen today that deserves not to be blammed.