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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"

Poor execution

Congratulations on learning actionscript. But you need to make better results then this. Little stickmen being killed does not really get the heart pumping. The vehicles and the backgrounds had decent graphic but besides that it wasn't very impressive. Also, you start with a world war II background but then throw in helicopters with rpg toting soldiers shooting you. Also, game difficulty was screwed. It's mostly too easy, but the said helicopters damage you before it is even physically possible to shoot them down. Players don't like impossible stuff. Even if enough healthpacks are around to keep you alive, it's frustrating to take automatic damage. Also, the music was...annoying...after a while and the sound effects were nothing new. Please work on these things so you dont release another "click and shoot" game where the only thing different is seeing your person on the screen.

Very good, but i would call it a work in progress

I think that thee concept is great, but you need to make it run faster and have stuff at the end of each level. Also, when the troop trucks are there, they have to leave sooner. 10 sec. max. Make upgrades at the end of each level.
When it's done, PM me and i will make it make sure it gets on front page


I am pretty much a ww2 freak but i have never heard of helicopters during that war
all the rest is pretty good the only thing is if you want to make a war game use the material they had in those days and not from 20 years later


it was pretty good man it just lacked a pause option i was on msn and i had to do the levle b4 talking to mates good little game tho

It was Ok

First few levels were ok, but then it got way to repetitive.

Good job anyway.