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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"


i only got to the 3rd level lol...but it was cool!


it was kinda boring, and the same thing over and over, and it could've been more diverse, as in shooting the driver to topple the truck, or shooting the tires, instead of just running your mouse over them to immediately kill them.

Not bad

Pretty fun, maybe a little repetitive. Though I must say, helicopters didn't exist in World War II. I think they were invented in the fifties. I could be wrong.

Asvegren responds:

You are wrong :)

Helicopters definitely existed during WW2, but they weren't used as extensively as depicted in the game.

:( SAD

Sad excuse for a war game, i'm not sure that realy happned

Asvegren responds:

Sure it happened.


Holy crap dude, you REALLY have to change your style of games. ALL of your damn games get way too repitative and boring FAST. All your games (except for Prince of War) is rated under 4 for a reason.

This game is pretty much like all your other games, repitative and boring.

2 out of 10 ( BTW the only reason why it's not 1 is because it has good graphics for a flash...)