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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"

Huh, Well I am Sorry

Huh, Well I am Sorry, I did not come close to liking this game as much as all these other people. I just found it to be boring repetitive and anti-climatic. Sorry, also it was too easy, beat it on my first time around, needs more challenge!

best of the seriers!

--enemy power--good(not impossible)
--story line--okay
--don't just shoot from a tower move in a jeep and shoot!--best of series!

A "few" problems

ok the first thing you should do is add the dialoug like Turtler said except i would change it around im going to say it in english with out the acent also durring the dialoug you should have subtitles.

Mission one: allied base

Genral: okay men the axis plan to atack El alamein in 10 days
Genral: All communications to El Alamein are cut off so we need to send two brave men to get the message to El Alamein. Any voulnteeers?

The men are silent

Genral: Wessacer, Anderson! your going

Wessacer Anderson together:Yes Sir

Then it goes out side of the base in morocco and shows a Jeep with the characters Wessacer and Anderson.

then it gose to the nazi base

Rommel as Turtler said : This must be important if you are dissturbing me at this hour! (saying this well putting away some Binder with the nazi symbol on them)

instead of poor lacky how about just infintry

Ingintry man: Sir the Allied base has just sent a jeep with two men.

Rommel: Then what to nazis do?

Infintry: Destory them!

Rommel: send convies, helicopters, the works!

Infintry: Yes Sir!

and so on and so on!


God, I pity the two soldiers in the game, having to go through such a boring and repetitive journey against boring and repetitive enemies across the vast nothingness of the Sahara to deliver Intel Monty already knows about from scout planes. That would suck

The suckiness would only be marginally alleviated by the fact that you are only playing it.

There is so much wrong with this, it may be better to start with what is rightL

Controls: Aim with mouse, Fire mounted MMG with Left Mouse Button, Speed up or Slow Down (Move Left or Right on the screen) with Left and Right Arrow Keys. Simple.

But that is about the limit of what the game does right.

The Enemies: The enemy forces deployed are ludicrous, ineffective, inefficient, historically inaccurate, and (most importantly) very boring to kill. I would LOVE to see the meetings where the Germans decided to deploy the units they did, but I suspect it goes something like this:

Mission 1:

Rommel: Zhis had better be important.

Poor Lackey: Mein Herr, our Vichy allies have reported zhat a zhat a small British patrol haz left a known Allied Listening Pozt in Morocco and iz comingk zhis vay. Zhe vant to varn Montgomery of zhe upcomingk offensive in spite of zhe fact that he must already know by now. Vhat vould you hav us do?

Rommel: Destroy it. It Iz British.

PL: Zertainly, Mein Herr. Intelligence reports zhat it iz unarmored und haz only vone light MG. Should I zend out zhe Panzers vhe hav in zhe rear areas to crush zhis into zhe ground?

Rommel: DOMKOPF! Vhe do not zend out zhe Panzers even zhough vhe hav many of zhem and zhey could make mincemeat out of zhis British jeep! Vhe tap every base vhe have, and order zhem to assemble flatbed truks und zhe best marksmen zhe hav. Zhe soldiers vill stand on the quickly-movingk jeep (vhere zhey can easily fall off und be shot), and fire zheir slow rifles at zhe British.

PL: Mein Herr, vould zhat not be ineffectiv and lead to heavy lozzes?


PL: Vhy did I not think of zhat! Zhat is vhy you are zhe Dezert Fox und I am the stupid messenger.

Rommel: Exactly.

Mission 3

Poor Lackey: Mein Herr, Zhe British jeep from Morroko...

Rommel: Vhat about it.

Poor Lackey: It haz eluded or destroyed zhe flatbed trucks and inflicted severe kasualties. Should vhe deploy zhe Panzers?

Rommel: Nein.

PL: Zhen What?

R: Deploy every Motorcycle vhe hav in Libya. Get two men for each vone. Equip von vith a pistol, und zhe other vith a helmet. Zhen hav zhem link up vith zhe surviving Flatbed truks und destroy zhe British.

PL: Vould zhat not lead to unnecessary losses in men und material?

R: Ja. Zhat iz zhe point.

PL: Vhy did I not see zhat? I vill begin immediately.

R: Alzo, zhe helmet for zhe von guy, hav it be zhat cheap, soft pith helmet ve got rid ov in 1916, so zhat zhe British vill kill him more easily.

Mission 5:

PL: Mein Herr, zhe Motocycles und trucks hav failed, und zhe British are close to our linez. Should I detatch some ov our Panzers to engage?

R: Nein.

PL: Nein? Zhen vhat do vhe do? Helokoptors?

R: Ja.

PL: JA? Mein Herr, zhose are experimental prototypez, und highly fragile. Zhe Reich only haz less zhan a dozen.

R: So? Send zhem all.

PL: Really?

R: Ja.

PL: Jawohl.

See what I mean?

Graphics: Functional. Nothing special, nothing poor. Funtional.

Gameplay: It gets boring almost immediately and is not helped even by new enemies. It just fails on many levels.

Overall, this is simply not worth the time. It is a good starting point for a larger, better game, but it simply does not work as is.

Asvegren responds:

Haha, glad you had fun writing the review at least. Probably one of the most creative ones I have received in my years here, and had some very good points as well.

A really good game

Its a good game xcept for its lack of support, besides that is really good