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Reviews for "Art of War - El Alamein"

absolutely no effort was made

shame. you had so much potential. the enemies cap you way too fast. also the nazis did not have helis until later.

it's ok

but I am pretty sure there weren't helicopters in ww2 or at least not made in any large numbers

This is Koo

I Like How Your In a Moving Vehicle

Sorry man,sorry

Im sorry but it seems ive wasted about 40 minutes in this game . Plus i really could not go past the last stage because there were to many enemies appearing in the screen.And one nonsensical, why are two guys in the deseart in a jeep for three days. How could they sleep or eat did they bloated up there fuel tank with so many fuel? i really feel so sorry for those two guys.

Even worse than the last.

Better gameplay, but thats about it. It was to easy, and helicopters like that wern't even invented untill after WW2. ALthough the Nazi's had some prototypes, they sure diden't look anything like that.