Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"


I got bored shortly after they shot down the Tornado...
It's been done so many times this story line... if you're thinking of watching this then be prepared for more of the same Chaos Emerald fueled story line.

knuxrouge responds:

So no notes on the animation, music, overall quality of the flash huh?
Well, to each his own, I'm not gonna bother explaining anything seeing how you're far too bored to listen, but know this;
Chaos Emeralds are a vital asset to Sonic anywhere, and this story has not been done before. Sure, some others had the use of Chaos Emeralds, but the story is nothing like this.

Please just stop.

Sprites aren't for everyone, I respect the work it takes to put a sprite someone else created together, and try and do something with it, but you failed miserably sorry, practice more please, and maybe you should leave Sonic, and sprites alone.

knuxrouge responds:

Well I (and several others) thought I did damn good. But you are intitled to your opinion and I respect that.
Sorry, I'm not gonna leave Sonic Sprites alone.