Reviews for "link gets teh stolen!!!!!"

whee whee whee whee whee whee


this was so funny

and so true

Woah... Better call the fire department.....

Because I just came in ma pants again baby! YEE-HAW!

Nice work.

Whatever about everyone else

Sure wasnt the greatest animated and at one point i was about to give ya 1 point when it was just showing a crappy pic of link and blood, but then you pulled out something that made me laugh .. not sure why.. anyway 3/5

Negina responds:

u r nce

Listen guys.

Good afernoon.
I must say that this movie is pointless, it has bad graphics, bad sound and no storyline that I can see.

Try harder next time you submit a flash movie to Newgrounds.



Negina responds:


im one person dumbdick

Your not funny at all

Timon didn't do anything wrong his series is good and you don't need to make fun of him so lay off
so stop making these rip offs of his series and quit making fun of him!!

Negina responds:

asl babe kiss kiss :-*