Reviews for "testBuTTOn2"

Two thumbs up!

this game is kinda easy but it rulz! I wanna prop it up! That means cool!


You should make your game work before submitting it. It always ends at the exact same second every time, right when the part starts where you're supposed to not let things fall on the guy. Even if nothing hits him, it keeps ending at the exact same frame and points every time. But the whole thing was an interesting idea. Making a game that overloads the senses and forces the player to try and filter out what's going on to achieve a simple task. I really like the idea, but the execution needs work.

JoSilver responds:

Actually It does work. THE ARROWS MAN!!!!!! THE ARROWS!!!!!! and I know it does work cause i tested for a week...thx for review.


I don't get how this is fun.

If there was ever a game that triggered epilepsy..

this is it. Meh it's not bad. decent concept. but gets boring fast.

that was fun

I really liked it, at first i had no idea what I was dong but then i figured it out, just in time for tons of different stuff to happen and blow my poor brain away. overall not bad though