Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"


the guy chasing him had a real Tyrant kinda feel and look to him from Resident Evil 2

crisp animation, good audio, definately a 10 on my scale
great work ill be looking for part 3


I did not see that coming, robot zombies, cool. Thought the running sound got repetitive though, try adding the sound of him gasping or breathing hard. Very nice, shame about the computer


Good work, the details is amazing, you must of spent alot of time over it.

Can't wait til the next part, keep it up!


:O bastard

my comp crashed cause grafix were so good

wow first off this is amazing 2nd your asume 3rd your flash rocks 4th sorry it took me so long to review this and lastly is there any hope for more?

Marcomatic responds:

Thanks for the kind works for the kind words :) Yes I plan to make many more 3d animations for NG!