Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"


Did realy enjoy your flash, both part 1 and 2. Give us more please!
I agree on strange movement on your characters but think it adds charm.
Please countinue with your style!


nice graphics and the action scene was very good. in all it was pretty good,but i found it to be to short.


I loved what I saw here, the action was well packed. Espically with the project(Tryant) looking thing. When he detached his torso and leaped from wall to wall for the character surprised me. Keep this up i'd love to see this, also seeming that the characters will be revealed more ya should make a character bio piece just incase. But the character bio piece is my opinon. :] Cant wait for the next one.

Marcomatic responds:

CHEERS :D many thanks

heres a hint! which will obviously be visible to everyone! The Moloch or (Tyrant as u call it) is not dead :D , its no big secret, so what if his eyes are gone, doesnt mean hes out of the picture :P
The next ep will be having a character that will be clearing up some missing pieces to the puzzle, mainly telling the story as to what happend before these other characters got into the picture.

thanks for ur support :D

cheers again

Good Job

Great job guys and good graphics. One question though. What's with all the robot type creatures? Are they that scientists that got caught in the outbreak or something??

Marcomatic responds:

Cheers :D
Great Job guys? Only one person was involved in producing the animations....

The monster you just saw is called the "Moloch" "Project Reinigen" (Reinigen means = Cleansing)
(Moloch meaning = Juggernaut)
This is a fictional story following from the Holocaust of WW2
German forces were losing and it came to thought that a new approach of warfare was to take place if any victory was possible. The scientists of Auschwitz conducted experiments on their prisoners to develop an altered form of a human being, per say, a more powerful form of soldier. The Scientists of the Harz mountain facility excelled at their work to such a degree that their 'guinea pigs' increased in form, height , masculinity and brute strength. With the prisoners messed around in such a manner, it would only be inevitable that these altered slaves would turn against their masters..

Stay tuned for more on FOX 8 :D