Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"

Once again, fantastic !

Loved the Zombies (reminded me of Wolf: RTCW)

Graphics, even better then the first part.

Sound effects, brilliant the gun sounded fantastic.

I just got to ask, how long did this mini series take you ?

Will there be more work from you, because i am really looking forward to it.

That was great but.

Credit says animation and voices by you.. But i didn't hear any voices. You lying scum bag!

Marcomatic responds:

lol , If you watch part one then maybe you'll find a few voices. This was originally meant to be one whole film but had to cut it down into 2 parts because of file size.


gj, more pleaseeee


Great mix of animation! Watching it again. Can't wait til the next.

gotta say

It was all pretty fluid, the 3d environments and such are easy to see, and the detail put into them is obvious. Those guys though, really remind me of Galerians ash, with the camera's and such put into their heads, but to see something that reminds of that game is always good, since it was a very original thing, same with this.

Marcomatic responds:

Thankyou kindly :D
Your support means alot, Im tryin to get this series off the ground

thanks :D