Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"

great job!

lol i read your comments, heres your response,
VOTED 5 =D very cool 3D and a few other things that I liked

holy crap

that was intense! very well done, i love the style! it must take a while to do that. can't wait for the rest of the series... so far the main character seems screwed haha... pretty good cliff hanger though!


Very good directing, rly nice graphics. Character animation wasnt as good, but the overall feel worked very nicely, with 3d bgs and flash characters so no real complaints =]

well done

go me into it right from the start

Marcomatic responds:

Thanks for your support mate!
stay tuned for more animations
I've got another series comin up along side this one 'Broken Nation' look out for it :D

cheers :D

wow dude

alright dude that was really cool

I liked this a lot. Good job.

the 3D was cool excellent job