Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"

didnt chatch shit

didnt chatch shit of this movie:S but great animation and realy good actoin sceans tjank you for that

ps. prob be couse i havent sean the first one but still


Sure the 3d was pretty good but whoever drew the characters sucks at drawing the animation didnt match any of the 3d the movements of the people were unrealistic, Im suprised this got a score as good as it has

Run faster!!!

Beware the enraged torso....


i most likely love the cool 3d with 2nd interaction... keep it up!


i can't wait for the rest of the series.

the 3D was good, everything else was great. some of the parts weren't that great though, like in some places, the angle of the main guy doesn't correspond to the angle of the "camera".

but overall it was great.