Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"


i liked the animation and the graphics and you had a good musical scale to it. the story is lacking a bit and i was wondering, did you draw the stairs and such in google earth or milkshape3d by any chance?

Marcomatic responds:

Google Earth???!? Are you legit?


the graphics are good and the effects are good and the sound is good but it seems kinda pointless (yes i have watched the first one) I'm assuming that this is the end because there was not to be continued. if thats the case then it is seriously lacking. keep up the good animation but use better story lines or find good story lines and offer to animate them. I'll PM you a link to a site where you can offer your animation skills to people who can't animate

Marcomatic responds:

This movie is not finished my friend , im working on a lot more after this :D


That was great! But....

You need to give us more!! lol
These seriously need to be longer.
Awesome story so far though. I was not expecting a big ass strong dude who can seperate his upper body from the lower and still come flying at you. I was just expectnig zombies lol
I really like how you're blending the 2D and 3D elements but it does need some work.
Overall though, that was awesome, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
9 out of 10 for having a good story and a nice overall look with the 2D-3D blend but it needs a little extra work.


The story line is pretty cool. I want to see the next one.

The only thing that I noticed was weird was the running animations. His body gets shorter and his arms move kind of strangely.

But anyways. I like the movie as a whole. The first flash I've seen that utilized 3D and 2D.

Only one thing to say.

You really need to work on your character drawing, it is good, but when you have it against the backgrounds and objects you had drawn, it just doesn't look good, its like puting a stick guy against a real life background and trying to make it look good.

Marcomatic responds:

that was kinda the plan, a distinctive style if you will suggest so,
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