Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"

very nice effects

It was amazing, but it didn't explain anything new about the story.. other than that you did a great job

That was Great good job man.

The show was good. Its good that you made the animation even though you said you were using a crappy computer to make this. Im happy that you made it even if it takes you a long time to make :). Good graphics and great job. I also would like if you put some more realism to it. But the realism is still great considering it did seem great. To bad it wasn't that long to explain that much.

Good Job

Great job guys and good graphics. One question though. What's with all the robot type creatures? Are they that scientists that got caught in the outbreak or something??

Marcomatic responds:

Cheers :D
Great Job guys? Only one person was involved in producing the animations....

The monster you just saw is called the "Moloch" "Project Reinigen" (Reinigen means = Cleansing)
(Moloch meaning = Juggernaut)
This is a fictional story following from the Holocaust of WW2
German forces were losing and it came to thought that a new approach of warfare was to take place if any victory was possible. The scientists of Auschwitz conducted experiments on their prisoners to develop an altered form of a human being, per say, a more powerful form of soldier. The Scientists of the Harz mountain facility excelled at their work to such a degree that their 'guinea pigs' increased in form, height , masculinity and brute strength. With the prisoners messed around in such a manner, it would only be inevitable that these altered slaves would turn against their masters..

Stay tuned for more on FOX 8 :D


Don't worry - your story line is sufficient.

But the flash is too short and your story too "stretched" to allow us to get anything from it but a general aspect of things.

Make a like... 5 or 10 minute flash that covers all the things we're missing, and that'd be awesome.

But in all honesty, you could have picked some awesome quasi-matrix music for when all the freaky shit started happening lol.

Bravo kid :P

better story line

its got good graphics but it needs a better story line

Marcomatic responds:

Can you process your claim even further by telling me what must make a better story line??

My "experienced " reviewer?