Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"

gotta say

It was all pretty fluid, the 3d environments and such are easy to see, and the detail put into them is obvious. Those guys though, really remind me of Galerians ash, with the camera's and such put into their heads, but to see something that reminds of that game is always good, since it was a very original thing, same with this.

Marcomatic responds:

Thankyou kindly :D
Your support means alot, Im tryin to get this series off the ground

thanks :D

wow dude

alright dude that was really cool

I liked this a lot. Good job.

the 3D was cool excellent job


I'm sorry, but you've asked for a review, tehrefore i'll have to be honest:

-Awesome sounds, i've missed a bit of music, but it was great whitout it, so we could hear the steps

-Exelent drawing! Yet, the human faces were really poor, it kinda let me down, but it's not enouth for me not to be astonished.

-I'm waiting for the next episode (how many are they going to be?) really, if you give it up i'll swim to your country and force you continuing this!

keep it up!


I liked the 3D, and the dark, gritty feel alot. I love original series too, so even more points for that. However, the character drawings/animation need work, and I can't even mark you down too much for that, because I know you're capable of fixing it I'd just say work on the anatomy. Otherwise, nice work, great idea.


Event if, sometimes, it could be better drawn
But i gess it's difficult, with all those effects