Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"


Great Work, keep it up. i really look forward to seeing the rest of this series

not bad

Everything that was done in 3d was very good.
I didn't like the way people were portrayed. For instance, no one opened their mouths. It just didn't feel realistic for the situation. Also, there wasn't very good lighting on the animations.
The creature that guy is running from is bizzare. :P
In all, good job.

Marcomatic responds:

That's just the way they were meant to be characterized mate. :D
and perhaps your monitor didnthave a strong contrast cuz lighting seemed fine to me :D

cheers :D

good gooooddd!!!!

liked it keep it up and put more uot.


great flash work i really liked it bt a have to watch the first part

:O bastard

my comp crashed cause grafix were so good