Reviews for "Portals and You"

Lol, I love Portal...

Nicely done. Could've been a lot longer, but still worth a 10 and a 5! =D


really entertaining, and i liked how you utilized the ending song of portal into a remix in the background. great job!

Grimman5000 responds:

Thank you :)

like watching those old fashioned edu. films

Love the retro graphics and concept, but would have liked it more if you got that old guy narrator voice-over. Still impressive overall.

Grimman5000 responds:

Thanks, that was the whole idea, the Old Fashioned educational films.

I thought Glados was a better choice for a voice over though.

I liked it.

I really liked the style of it. The classic look, black, and white was just great. Funny too. I thought the voice went along with the movie. Still great flash and keep i up! :}

Great Music...

What you had was good (You should make more), and the music in particular suited it well. Overall, nice.