Reviews for "Portals and You"


Brilliant but as most flash i like it is to short still 11/10!

Grimman5000 responds:

Thank you :)

Nice remix

I like the remix of Still Alive in the background, thats a nice touch. Very good.

Hope for more to come

Basicly spoken:
I hope that there is more to come, because I like the idea of a silly version of an advice movie quite much. Yet, sadly for now it is quite little I must say and the idea of making a series of 1 minute movies... well, we will see how it developes. Maybe you will get your own undersection where everyone can add a short advice movie, then it would be quite worth a watch or two.

The sound was okay, and the annoying voice (as some others may think) is indeed an IMPORTANT PART of the science research facility in PORTAL. The graphics however ... well not bad at all, but the old dusty layer style is really more of a question of taste.

Still, good idea
Nice work
Keep it going.


i lold at the part where wcc said the CAKE WAS A LIE. you could work on the graphics, but for me all that u need for a 10-10 is lulz.

Its okay

Could of been better without the annoying voice and more than just a minutes worth of animation.